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BunnyFest 2018

This passed weekend we participated in the 2018 BunnyFest in California by providing products to our friends Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (F.U.R.) Shelter to help them raise money and, of course, to draw everyone to their table to find out more about all the great work they do!

Many of you who emailed or spoke to us on our online chat already know that we had been working on this large order for just over a month!

We provided the snazzy TGBS (Thegreenbunnystore) bags that you see below too to place the goodies in and hopefully we painted the event green with them!

F.U.R. told us they had quite a busy table and sold out of almost all the items!!! The granola bites were a hit, and the botanicals too, but mostly everyone was happy to be able to sample our delicious apple chips - we provided custom sample bags, hat we came up with with F.U.R., that they offered to the first 100 people that came by their table. What a great way to get the crowd going.

You can see Mr. Papaya Bunny enjoying and modeling with the Apple snack below.

We're eager to make new fans and help spread the word of our little store.

A big thank you goes out to the F.U.R. volunteers for helping spread the word about TGBS, and most importantly for all the great work they do.

All in all, a great success, and for a great cause!

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