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A guide to The Green Bunny Store toys

Do you wonder which Green Bunny Store toy would be perfect for your bunny? Do you wonder if your bunny will love the toy? Do you wonder how long the toy will last? Say no more. In this article, we will go through all The Green Bunny Store toys to help you find THE best match for your bun!

Our selection of toys is wide and contains many different types of toys. To make it simpler, we decided to separate them into 2 different categories.

Category 1: Foraging toys

In this category, you will find the foraging toys. These toys are usually filled with hay, foraging mix, willow leaves, dehydrated fruits, etc. They will make your bunny work a little harder to get to the goodies stuffed inside. In the wild, bunnies need to work hard and search for their food. These toys are a great way to recreate a bunny’s natural behaviors in the wild.

Here are a couple examples of foraging toys:

  • Spring Roller

  • Stuff-A-Box

  • Bloom Box

  • I Want Takeout

  • Poke Bowl

  • Giant Willow Ball

  • Petal Pocket

  • Green Taco

(Stuff-A-Box, Poke Bowl, Giant Willow Ball and Petal Pocket)

Category 2: Long lasting toys

In this category, you will find what we call the ‘’long lasting’’ toys. These toys were made to last a little longer than the foraging toys. Made of flavored blocks and such, your bunny will love to chew on them. Since bunny’s teeth are constantly growing, these toys are perfect for them.

Here are a couple examples of long-lasting toys:

  • French Toast Stack

  • Foraging Cocktail ( both categories)

  • Flower Fling

  • PB and J

  • Apple Barbell (both categories)

  • Chunky Monkey

  • Apple Picnic

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

(French Toast Stack, Foraging Cocktail, Flower Fling, Apple Picnic)

We hope this small toy guide helped you understand the difference between all our toys and helped you find what you and your bunny are looking for! Please note that no toy is guaranteed to last a certain amount of time since all bunnies are different. Thank you for reading!

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