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Bunny Tidbits

Fun Bunny Tidbits (that you may or may not know)!

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with all things bunny. Whether it be the Facebook

pictures and videos that fill my feed, all the adorable bun bun merchandise that is available

or - my favorite - spoiling my bunnies with all the safe and healthy treats and toys from The

Green Bunny Store. My bunnies adore their products and I love knowing my guys aren't

bored when I'm busy and unable to give them my undivided attention.

Another of my pastimes is learning as much as possible about rabbits. Not just what they

should eat, the best litter etc, but anything that helps me understand my two better. And as

I'm sure you know, every little bit more that you know about your babies makes your

relationship more rewarding!

That being said, I've found a few interesting and fascinating facts about rabbits that I thought I'd share with you. Just because!

● How Did You Get Up There!! Have you ever caught your rabbit on a shelf or table

that you thought should be inaccessible to him/her? Thought that "Houdini" may have been a more appropriate name?? You may not have realized that rabbits can jump 3ft or higher, and 10 ft long! Bunny Olympics here we come!

● The Ultimate Bunstruction! You think that your bunny deserves the award for their

ability to destroy everything in sight!? Think again! Did you know that back in the 17th

Century legend has it that rabbits being transported in ferries in Brittany ate through

the hulls, causing many a sailors demise. (I guess they didn't have toys from The

Green Bunny Store to redirect their chewing tendencies!) In fact rabbits are still

banned from some Brittany ferries even today!

● Bunnies' tails aren't just for cuteness, believe it or not.

Their white tails are important when fleeing from predators. The predator focuses on the

tail, confusing the would-be assailant when the rabbits change direction.

Bunny tails can also tell you your bunny's mood. Up and out displays anger, while down shows a peaceful bun bun.

● You think YOU spend a lot on bunny food? Ralph, the previous record holder for

the largest bun bun (RIP 2009), cost his owners approximately $90 U.S per week.

● Rabbits Ears - large or small, straight up, floppity loppity or helicopter - are more

than just cute appendages or hearing tools. They're like little (or big) satellite dishes

scanning for anything that may be amiss in their world. Their ears are always on the

move. They can rotate 270°! Hoomans can't do that...can they?? As prey animals

this allows them to scope out their surroundings quickly. Maybe you've noticed your

bun reacting to something...and you can't hear a you know why! Their ears

also regulate heat. Unlike humans or dogs and cats, for example, rabbits don't

sweat. They don't pant and their thumpers are paw pads to release

heat! Can you imagine! The blood vessels in their ears contract and expand to help

with regulation. Since their "cooling system" is limited, bunnies don't do well in

heat. As bunny parents we need to ensure their comfort. Keeping them cool with an

air conditioned home, or using fans, frozen water bottles and tiles is imperative

if you don't have A/C. Wetting their ears with cool water can help too. *****ALWAYS

pay attention to your bunny's breathing for any signs of distress.*****

● Waggling Ears!? Have you ever noticed your rabbit sitting around, when their ears

start "waggling" You're not seeing things! This is Fluffy letting you know that

attention is required! You'd better obey!

● How Does my Rabbit See? Rabbits' eyesight is much different than ours.

Although they can see almost 360 degrees, they have a blind spot right in front of

their nose. This is why your bunny may startle if you reach to pet him/her from the

front. Without going into cones and rods, their 3D vision is very limited when looking

at objects that are close up. They have better vision than us in low light but it's grainy.

Can my baby see colour? Yes but in a limited way. They can see blue and green

but it's much more muted than the way we see them. This is why l buy bunny stuff in

these colors.

● But how does my rabbit see ME? So how does little floof floof see me, you may

ask. Well bunnies see us more as a shape than in detail. Since their vision is grainy,

they use the sound of your voice, your ascent and shape to figure out who you are. I

remember when Lily was about four months old. I came into the room with a bath

towel on my head, and she went crazy! Not in a good way. When I took the towel

off and came closer, speaking to her, she went "phew! It's mom!". She was able to

use the rest of her senses to figure out who I was.

What this all boils down to is that bunnies are awesome! There are still so many things that

we don't know about them. But what we DO know for sure is that with a healthy diet, proper

housing (can you say free roam?!), attention and the proper activities to keep them busy,

we will have a wonderful, entertaining and valuable companion!

Valerie (Green Bunny Store Blogger)

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