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Dutchy and Bella have their own Youtube channel!

Dutchy and Bella contacted us through Instagram a few months ago interested in collaborating. After ordering a box of goodies, they fell in love with a product called "I Want Takeout", which is, as it sounds, a Chinese takeaway box filled with a sample of every type of treat and every type of edible texture that we offer in our store.

It's a great starter toy because it offers bunny parents the chance to see what items their bunny prefers, since it has a little of everything.

It's also a great reusable toy (if you're bunny isn't too destructive), because you can select a few items in the box (and take the others out) and close the box to encourage your bunny to dig and scratch at the box, or even just toss around. When those treats are gone, simply refill with the remaining treats, or add your own.

We sent Dutchy and Bella another takeout box last week, along with a few new items, to see what they thought.

Check out their awesome Youtube video below, and don't forget to subscribe to their channel!

Thank you to Dutchy and Bella for such an amazing video.

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