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TheGreenBunnyStore goes to Berlin!

The Green Bunny Store has made it to Berlin!

@Imschuh is a quite famous instagram account for 2 bunnies by the names of Imschuh and Toffie. @Imschuh was the first to reach out to us and praise us on how wonderful our boxes seemed, even though they hadn't ever had one before. With Christmas just around the corner, they were eager to find out what was coming for December. We decided to collaborate and made a custom box for them - with a few goodies we were going to include in our Christmas boxes, and a few bonuses to give them an idea of our products and our brand. One of the Christmas specials was a "surprise item" available in our 45$ box, which was a unique wooden craft or tree ornament with the rabbit's name. You can see it in the first photo in on the right hand side in turquoise.

@Imschuh contacted us right away to let us know their box had arrived! They asked if they could do a like video to show all their followers just what getting a box entails (how you receive it, how it is packaged and displayed, and how much the bunnies actually like the products they receive, etc...). Of course, we were thrilled. This wasn't just a post, but A LIVE VIDEO UNBOXING that us, along with thousands of people worldwide, could watch from miles away as the action was happening.

We watched in anticipation and were on the edge of our seat for every minute of it. Hundreds of names came up across the screen as people all over the world tuned in. The box looked great and the bunnies were jumping all over it. The video was amazing, and quite long, and even though almost all of it was in German, we could sense the joy and excitement bunny momma felt as she opened the box and showed all of the items to the Imschuh and Toffie.

It was definitely an experience we will never forget!

If you're not familiar with @Imschuh's account, they take wonderful professional photos - even the ones that seem like action "in the moment" shots are always clear and set to a beautiful background. They post lots of great videos from different bunny boxes from around the world, and often have giveaways. We definitely suggest you follow them!

Lucky for us, @Imschuh offered us the wonderful photos you see above to keep. And below you will find a few snaps from the live unboxing. We don't have a copy for you guys to watch, but you'll find a few silly photos below that should show you just how fun it was watching these two.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks @Imschuh and Toffie