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Pet Sitting

OCT 24, 2021


Caitlin was lovely to deal with and went above and beyond when looking after our rabbit while we were away. She genuinely cares and this showed in the time she took to get to know our bun beforehand, going over his routines and starting to build trust with him. We appreciated all the updates and pictures while we were away, and we were able to better enjoy our time away knowing our bun was so well cared for. We would absolutely recommend The Green Bunny pet sitting services! 


Thank you!



Bonding Help

OCT 29, 2022


Review of services - Hazel & Luna


I had the pleasure to receive some great advice from Caitlin from Green bunny on bonding both of my girl. Although I did read a lot on the subject I was still unsure of my self and the process - this being my first bunnies and my first bonding process. She came to my home and met with both my precious girls to evaluate my babies behavior. We spoke about my bunny set up and she helped me with some tips and tricks to help me get over my fear of one of them getting hurt as well as some first step to help put them together. (Photo of meal time).  I have since started my bunny bonding process and hope to have great success. 


She came bearing bunny treats. I have never seen my bunnies so enthusiastic about devouring a wooded treats (Balsa bar) there was literally nothing left the next day. 


Thank you Caitlin for you help and your hope to update you very soon. Thank you as well for being available for any question. It was sincerely a pleasure to chat with you and to share our love of bunnies. They have helped my through some stressful work days and I want to make sure I give them a really great home.

Jennifer H



Currently studying Animal Sciences Diploma & Veterinary Assistant Education


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