EXCLUSIVE to the GreenBunnyStoreHand made roller hand sanded, drilled, and assembled with string - NO GLUE!Most don’t need to be held together with string, but since no wood is perfect sometimes we have to make adjustments to keep everything tight and in place :) This is the biggest roller I've ever seen sold, and the safest at that.It takes several hours to make - so a lot of love goes into these rollers. Perfect for keeping hay clean and out of the bun's litter 'mess', great for encouraging playing...can be stuffed with treats, apples, or even our foraging mix for a more natural option.Encourages bunnies to work for their treats and is a great boredom buster that will keep them busy for hours! *I recommend using a firmer stiffer hay to prevent looser crumbling hay to sprinkle out all over the floor while they roll it* Approximately 6-7" long, 4" high, 3-4" deep.  SEE VIDEO FOR SIZE REFERENCE****used to be 3” wide at the ends

Large Wood Roller

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