Takeout! Get your takeout!  This is THE PERFECT first purchase for your bun.  If you're not sure what your bun will love, or want to sample a little of every kind of treat anf tecture we have... or maybe if your bun is picky...Foldable reusable takeout box filled with a loofah crunch, balsa wood piece, a rattan ball, apple slices, stuffed on top of granola treats tucked away on the bottom.  The bottom of the box is filled with a handful of flowers, herbs and hay.You get one of every kind of texture that we use for all our toys and treats.  Every couple of weeks we change up what we put inside the boxes so they are never 100% the same!This fun box has a medley of flavours and textures and is sure to have at least one item your bun with love.The cute handle is also great for tossing the box around and the takeout box allows them to dig through it!REUSABLE! Fill again and again with treats, food or hay and watch bun scratch and dig his way to goodies!1 BOX ,  5-6" TALLThe size of an actualy human takeout box and filled to the brim we canèt even close it

I Want Takeout




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