Delicious natural foraging mix! This entire bag can be given directly to your pet.   A power pack, perfectly portioned, and packaged in a bio-degradeable bag made of tree resin. Completely safe to let them chew and scratch at this bag to get to their goodies; this way it provides entertainment and fun at the same time! Encourage your rabbit's natural behavior in the wild by providing them with different hay and foliage mixtures and burrying and digging for their goodies.


FUN FACT * I love this item because I keep a week's worth on hand and when I either leave for work, or go to bed - and feel as though bunny will be bored without me - I can simply toss her one of these bags and know that she'll get an extra portion of hay and will be entertained for a while. Make leaving for work a fun time for bunny!

Foraging Mix



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