Does your bun love apples? This crispy apple snack will have them going crazy!

Other dried apple snacks from pet stores contain thick apples with a rubbery consistency that isn't easy to swallow and can cause choking. These thin dry apple rings are easy to eat, and can be added to any stuff-able toy, or hanger.


Approximately the size of small bag of chips.  Approx. 20 -30 chips/bag



Crisped and dried to lock-in goodness!

Lasts up to 6 months, though we don't think you'll be able to keep bunny from devouring these sooner than that!

Feel great giving your bun safe and healthy rewards, free of chemicals.


*TIP* Mix and match these with our Banana Chips and create a flavourful breakfast bowl, or top bun's regular hay with a special treat.  Hide these in toys or in your bun's hay for added fun and to ecnouraging natural foraging habbits.


Apple Chips

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