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Our monthly visit to Pet Value

As some of you might already know, we are proud supporters of many shelters and stores that help re-home rabbits all over the world.  Included in some of the many list of saviours we know are the kind people at our local Pet Value store.

The Pet Value at Blair Rd has done a complete 360 over the last few years with new ownership and a knowledgeable staff.  They even asked us for rabbit recommendations when it came so revamping the "rabbit section" of the store in order to offer a better and bigger selection - to be honest it was quite small before.  We took advantage of this and talked their ears off with all of our bunny-parent-knowledge.

Since then, Pet Value has helped foster and care for rabbits at the store while they await adoption.  Although we are a small home-based company, we don't think that's any excuse not to do our part.  Short of adopting more rabbits - we had 5 at once not too long ago - we decided to leave the rabbit keeping up to the store but felt we ought to contribute something!  And what better contribution than what we do best - toys and treats.

Now we make a monthly or sometimes bi-weekly trip to check-in on whatever bunny is residing there and provide treats and pets.  We also usually leave some sort of package or gift box that is included with the bunny once he/she is adopted.  We hope it serves as a small incentive for adoption but also as a guide to steer the new parent(s) towards the right kind of toys and treats.

What we do is made possible by the orders you place in our online store.  So thank you to everyone who orders and we hope you continue to help us on our journey to helping rabbits everywhere!

(I am happy to say we popped in the other day to see Benny, only to find out he was adopted over the holidays and has been replaced by wonderful Rosie seen below.  We were sad but also thrilled to see our beloved Benny now gone and wish the same great fate for little Rosie.  Congratulations on your new life Benny!)

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