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Have you seen our review? We were recently contacted by who had nothing but wonderful things to say about our business - which had then not even re-opened yet. We were so pleased to hear all the kind words they had for us, and to see how excited they were for our opening. We gladly sent them a box of goodies and added a few complimentaries in there of course - we always appreciate and value our fans and the followers who take extra time to spread the word about our little business.

After receiving the box, decided to feature us in our own personal review! is a great site filled with tips and tricks geared towards UK residents and helping them find great rabbit and guinea pig goodies at a great price. They also feature other great tips for instagram users, and bunny parents alike.

Although we are located in Canada we have always had a fan base worldwide, and now hopefully an even greater one in the UK, thanks to Alifetherabbit. We can't wait to work together again!

Read the review or check our their website,

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